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PSL Dodgeball Rules


PSL will supply all game balls. No other balls may be used during games.

Bonus Player

Players may attempt to shoot the ball into the opponent's basket to gain an extra player on the court.

Field Of Play

The field of play is contained on the basketball court. Only players active in a round are permitted within the field of play.  All substitutes and eliminated players must stand along the sideline on their team's half of the court. If a ball enters this area it is to be tossed back into the field of play by an eliminated player or an inactive sub.  If no substitutes are present, a player may retrieve a ball out of bounds but cannot attack or be eliminated until returning to the field of play. 
**Philadelphia School Only: Only ACTIVE players may retrieve balls that have gone off the court - if a player not involved in the game retrieves a ball for their team, it will immediately go to their opponent.  If an active player goes to retrieve a ball off the court, they must be re-established on the court with two feet in order to be thrown out.  It is at the referee's discretion to call the player out if they are intentionally stalling by not stepping back on to the court in a timely fashion when retrieving a ball.  PLAYERS MAY ONLY RETRIEVE BALLS FROM THEIR HALF OF THE COURT/SIDE OF THE GYM.

Forfeit Time

Each team has ten (10) minutes after the scheduled match time to field a team. Otherwise, it must forfeit the match to its scheduled opponent.

Game Format

The format is 7 vs. 7 with at least three (3) female players per side. If no women are present at the rush at the beginning of the game, only two (2) balls may be retrieved.

Teams must field a team of at least five (5) players.

The first team to win seven (7) rounds within the scheduled match time wins the match. 

General Rules

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Head Shots

Head shots are not permitted. Any player who intentionally or unintentionally strikes another player in the head will be eliminated. If the head shot is deemed intentional and occurs multiple times during a match, the player may be ejected at the referee's discretion.
**If a player intentionally bends and/or ducks to be hit in the head, they will be called out of the game by the referee.  For additional occurrences, the player may be ejected at the referee's discretion


Balls may be passed among teammates to make an attack.


The top four (4) teams qualify for a single-elimination playoff tournament the last two (2) weeks based on regular season standings. Playoff week 1, the team with the best regular season record will play the 4th seed and the 2nd seed plays the 3rd seed. Winners from playoff week 1 face off playoff week 2 for the championship. All teams outside the top four (4) seeds will play consolation games for the remaining weeks.


A PSL referee will enforce all rules.

Referee Fees

The referee fee is $10.00 per game per team. Referee fees are to be paid before the game begins. Referees reserve the right to cancel any games because of non-payment. If a team forfeits, it is responsible for payment of both teams referee fee ($20.00). 

Round Play

After retrieving a ball in the rush, players must first retreat to within their own 3-point arc or throw the ball across the arc to a teammate) before attacking an opponent. After first crossing the arc, players may freely roam their half of the court. (The Philadelphia School: Balls must be thrown behind the the Black Line in place of the 3-pt arc.)

No player may cross the attack line (half court) to retrieve balls or make an attack. Crossing the line results in elimination.  Players are not permitted to reach over the line to retrieve a ball on their opponent's side of the court.  (The Philadelphia School: Half Court Line rules extends over the length of the gym.)

If a player is hit on the fly by a dodgeball thrown by an opponent, that player is eliminated and must leave the round to the sideline in the designated out-of-bounds area.

A player may use a ball in their hand to deflect an opposing players throw away.  If a ball thrown by an opposing player strikes a player holding the ball, the player is out regardless of whether it hit the other ball first.  

If a ball thrown by an opposing player is caught on the fly, a player from the team who caught the ball will rotate back in the game starting with the first player eliminated in the round.  In addition, the opposing player who threw the ball that was caught is eliminated.  If a player catches a ball that ricochets off of a teammate, it's a legal catch and the player hit by the ball is saved.  A deflection caught off any surface in the gym (other than a player) is a dead ball.  Bobbled catches count as catches.

  • Upon re-entering the game, a player must touch the back wall.  This is to allow a player to get back into the game without being targeted as soon as the get off the bench.  

Throws must be offensive and not used for stalling tactics.

Criteria for an offensive throw include (bringing this rule back due to too many players throwing excessively high to maintain ball possession):

  • Maximum height below the basketball hoop (exception for deliberate attempts at making a basket to bring a player back on).
  • Throw is on the same half of the court/opponent's area as an opposing player, throw reaches half court. Exception: when opposing team is lined up along half court. 
  • First offense is a warning, second offense results in ball returning to the opposing team, third offense results in player elimination.

When each team has one player remaining, if the player dodges five consecutive balls, they will get a player back. 

When a team is in possession of all the balls, the 10 second count drops to 5 seconds.


Teams will receive a point when they eliminate all players on the opposing team.  First team to 7 points wins.  If time expires during the final match, the team with the most players on the court will receive the point.   


Only non-marking soled shoes may be worn.


Stalling is not permitted and will result in elimination of a player.  If a player or team fails to retrieve a ball and make a legitimate throw within a ten (10) second count, an elimination will result at the discretion of the referee. This rule does not apply when no balls are within the 3-point arc.

Starting The Match

The ref will line up 6 balls along the half court  line (attack line); 3 balls grouped on each side of center court.  Two sizes will be used, both large and small.   Opposing teams are to line up on  opposite baselines underneath the basketball hoops.  At the sound of the whistle, each team will rush to pick up  the 3 balls designated as theirs by the referee.  After the rush, all balls are shared between teams.


Substitutions may only be made in between rounds.


Each team may call one (1) timeout per match that can be used in between games.

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