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Weather Alerts

When a game is cancelled due to inclement weather or a facility conflict, teams will be notified by email.  If it's close to your start time, the official at the venue will contact the on-call Staff Member to give an update on current weather/field conditions. In the event of lightning, games will be halted for 30 minutes.  Games may be delayed or postponed until later in the evening or once the storm passes.  Players will be given a directive by the onsite official, as to where they should go during a storm with lightning.  Games may resume once the storm passes & players should be prepared to wait out the storm if necessary.  During such instances, the PSL on-call staff member will be in regular contact with the game official.  

*Due to limited rain-dates, games will not be canceled unless there is severe weather or facility closures. If you do not see an update, games are ON as scheduled.

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