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Shirt Policy

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submit the form above to order a league shirt - see below for more details on PSL's shirt policies

Only registered players are permitted to play in PSL Leagues.  All registered members will receive a PSL League Shirt at the first game according to the size in their online player profile*.  Your shirt acts as your PSL ID and informs our referees that you are a registered member and eligible to participate.

*Late Registrants who sign-up very near or after the start date of a league:

Late registrants who sign up within a day or two of the start date may not, and anyone after the start date will not, have a shirt available at the first game.  Shirts are required and replacement or late shirts must be ordered by submitting our Replacement/Late Shirt Order Form linked above along with the $10 fee. Late/replacement shirt orders will be delivered to the league location and stored with league equipment in a labeled envelope within 1-2 weeks. Therefore, if you registered very close to the start date or after, be careful not to take someone else's shirt from those provided at the league the first night.  If you are unsure if you need to order a shirt or to coordinate pickup of an order, please call our office line (267) 888-6085.

Regular Season:

Participants must wear PSL League Shirts to all games. If you do not wear your shirt to a regular season game, a PSL Ref will ask for ID to confirm paid membership. Failure to wear your League Shirt more than twice per season will result in a deduction of 1 Standings Point for your team. Teams that fail to wear PSL League Shirts will receive forfeit losses and be subject to removal from the league without a refund.


All players are required to wear their League Shirt to participate in Championship Games. No shirt, No play, No exceptions.


All players are required to wear their League Shirt to participate in Tournaments.  Any player who registers within 72 hours of a Tournament is not guaranteed an official Tournament T-shirt..


Teams are allowed to customize PSL'S League Shirts such as adding text, numbers, images, patches or cutting up as long as you adhere to the following requirements:

-No Company Names/Logos (contact sponsorships@phillyleagues.com for information on adding company logos)

-No Offensive Language/Images

-No modification or obstruction of PSL'S Logo

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