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Forfeit Policy

We take forfeits VERY seriously and make every effort to play all games each week. Captains are responsible for confirming attendance with teammates each week and informing PSL via email: at least 48hrs in advance of forfeiting any games.  Text notifications can be sent to (267) 888-6085 for day-of/night-of forfeits when a quick relay is necessary for opponents and officials (include league, game time and team name/color information).

All forfeits will result in a deduction of 1 point in the league standings (the winning/losing team will receive credit/deduction equal to the point differential cap limit in the event of a tiebreaker). Failure to provide advance notice (or more than 1 forfeit w/ advance notice) may result in your team's removal from the league and place your team at risk from securing a spot in a subsequent season.  A forfeiting team is responsible for payment of both teams' official fees in order to remain eligible to participate in subsequent weeks (captain will be invoiced/billed).

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